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The Pirates of Lost Treasure held their annual Mardi Gras Flotilla

On Saturday 9 February 2019, The Pirates of Lost Treasure held their annual Mardi Gras Flotilla.  This year’s Flotilla celebrated the 25th anniversary of this event.  The Blackwater Pyrates were well represented with a total of four ships participating.  The brave souls to make the journey to Perdido Key were Captain Fins Up, Captain Boot, Lucky and Maltese.  The trip over on Saturday morning was not without its challenges.  Captain Fins Up had a flat tire on his truck a few miles from Galvez Landing.  Fortunately, several Pyrates stopped to assist with the pit stop.  Captain Boot had some boat battery issues. The Coast Guard Auxiliary, that just happened to be in the area to ensure a safe parade, helped to get the motor started by lending jumper cables and a battery jump pack, which was loaned by Holiday Harbor Marina.  Lucky, in his new pontoon The Marinator, had no such issues.  However, a fellow parade participant did have a boat ramp issue.  His boat trailer went off the edge of the ramp.  Several Pyrates (Two Noodles, Woody and Jay Conrad) came to his rescue by lifting the rear of the boat trailer with an anchor and allowing him to pull it out of the water without any damage.  The grateful gentleman rewarded their efforts with a round of drinks at the Flora-Bama.  The last mishap occurred when Maltese’ car keys were dropped in the intercostal waterway at the boat ramp.  Happily a bystander heard of the misfortune and offered to go to his house, put on a wet suit, and retrieve the keys.  A floater key chain comes to mind to prevent this tragedy in the future.  Sandy Bottom dropped her cell phone in the water.  As of this writing the phone is still not working and she has already ordered a replacement phone.  It was a beautiful day and all had a blast.  Many beads, moon pies, candy, whistles, and dog bones were tossed to the throngs of parade watchers.  Thank you to the Pirates of Lost Treasure for inviting us to their Mardi Gras Flotilla.

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