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Captain Stewburner.jpeg
Captain Stewburner

The Captain will perform all duties incident to such office and such other duties as may be provided in this code or as may be prescribed by the board.  The Captain shall preside at all board meetings and shall exercise parliamentary control in accordance with Black Beard's Rules of Order (nay Roberts Rules of Order), not to be superseded by any provisions of this code. In 2015 it was written that the Captain is responsible for passing items of importance to the Keeper of the Code, the Historian and the Newsletter Captain forthwith most of our history is recorded.

Quartermaster Hands aka David Snellsrove.jpeg
Coxswain Woody - Chris Conrad.jpg

The Quartermaster shall be appointed by the Captain and shall act in place of the Captain in the event of the Captain's absence, or inability to lead, and he/she shall exercise and discharge such other duties as may be required by the board. If the Quartermaster refuses to act on an issue there is always that Replacement by Dissension thing.


The Coxswain is a unique position as he/she is the safety officer who works directly for the Captain and is appointed by the Captain. In the name of safety and so as to not hamper his effectiveness this officer has the power to remove any individual from pyrate activities at will. Reporting his actions to the Captain in relation to safety is secondary in these cases. 

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