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Picture and Story Submission Guidelines

- Time stamped pictures are not optimal, we will try to crop out the time stamp when possible.

-If you want to send us a link to an online folder of the pictures, you can still do many of the things below  before sharing it with us.


- We can't use really big pictures. An 8 meg picture will be used at 1/20th that size. As a rule of thumb, pictures of 200-300K are all we need.


-Send pictures as attachments rather than embedded (if that makes no sense disregard this one).


-Send all pictures in a single email; when we get them in multiple emails it's harder to refer to the info we need.


-Finally, the biggest one- it will save us a lot of time to have the pictures labeled by renaming, rather than by explaining what they are inside an email. For instance, instead of telling us who/what the picture is in the email, label the picture such as "Captain-Bones.jpg" or "Milton-Duck-Race.jpg". This is much more helpful than "dg12fffjs1274645.jpg".


We will accept pictures in any format the sender can get to us, so this is the "druther" list rather than the "must-have" list :)

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