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A 1915 Cruise to the Lost Communities of the Blackwater

The Legend of the Blackwater Pyrate Crew It was the year of 1994 that a weary pirate name of Bones first set foot on the shores of Mill Town, a small village on the shores of the Blackwater River. But as he did so he declared someday he would revisit this pristine location not only to test its fine population, but to reclaim the treasure that he buried along the riverbanks. So it came to pass that Bones did return in the year 2006 and could not locate the treasure he had deposited. In anger, he attacked the city of Mill Town with a band of cutthroats as no one had ever seen before. It was a short battle with the locals and before the dust settled Bones had a local Commissioner Bob Cole walk the plank. It was then that he declared he be renamed Blackwater Bones and his band of pirates be known as the feared Blackwater Pyrates! To this day ye can hear the rousting voices of the Blackwater Pyrates as the echo through the trees that line the river as the pyrates search for their gold. For it’s here that the legend lies, in wait, for eternity. So if you be on the river at night and you see a moving flame, or a rasping voice, its Blackwater Bones and his men, in search of booty.

The event will take place September 11, 2021 2 pm. At the Imogene Theatre 6866 Caroline St, Milton, Fl.


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