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Poker Run

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What is a Poker Run?

A Poker Run is a fundraising event involving traveling to predetermined locations and receiving poker cards or
“punches”. The Blackwater River Poker Run involves traveling by boat to specifically designated locations of
historical significance on the Blackwater River. A total of 7 stops will be included in this event.
The 2022 Poker run will include the “Lost Communities of the Blackwater” as identified in the book “Log of
the Peep O’ Day, Summer Cruises in West Florida Waters 1912-1915.” Each stop will have a speaker from the
local college to present a brief look into the history of the location.
The morning of the Poker Run (April 22, 2022) will include an 8 am registration period, a 9 am Captains
Meeting, and a 10 am start of the event. The beginning and end of the event will be held in the pavilion at
Russell Harber Landing Park.
The final draw down (drawing of the poker cards) and lunch event will begin around 12 noon and continue
until each individual has the opportunity to get their “playing hand” and lunch (about 3 pm).


Who will speak on the history of the Blackwater River? 

Archaeology and History students from the local university. 

What kind of poker? What is the cost? Is only one hand played? What is the buy in? 5 card draw. $50 per boat. Additional playing hands with meal can be purchased for $25 ea. What kind of prizes? Is there an entrance fee? 

Prize amounts are $150 for 1st Place, $75 for 2nd Place, and $50 for 3rd Place. Entry fees are listed above. Raffles will be held at the pavilion for additional prizes. 

What kind of food will be served for lunch? Can additional meal tickets be purchased? 

Hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and drinks will be served. Additional meals can be purchased separately at the  event for $10 ea.


Where will the event be held? How long will it take?  

The beginning and end of the event will be held at: 

Russell Harber Landing Park, North Pavilion 

32570 Russell Harber Rd 

Milton, Fl 32583 

The voyage will take you to 7 stops along the Blackwater River and extend as far south as Escribano Point. It  should take about 3-4 hours to complete.  

Can I use a Kayak or Canoe? 

Non-motorized vessels will not be allowed to participate in this event due to the length of the voyage and the  time restraints to complete the adventure. 

Where do the proceeds go? 

All proceeds will go toward historic preservation efforts on the Blackwater River and Blackwater Bay areas.

Can I preregister? Who can I call for more information? 

Pre-registration is available by mail or phone call. The back of the registration form explains how to pre register and provides contact phone numbers.

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