Poker Run

Screenshot_2019-02-28 Flyer_2019_BBT pdf
Screenshot_2019-02-28 Flyer_2019_BBT pdf

What is a Poker Run?

A Poker Run is a fund raising event involving traveling to predetermined locations and receiving poker cards or “punches”.  The Blackwater River Poker Run involves traveling by boat to locations of shipwrecks on the Blackwater River.  A total of 7 stops will be included in this year's event.

There will be a captain's meeting on the eve of the event (Friday 6 pm) at which time each participant will receive their punch card(s). Additionally, each captain will receive a copy of the 7 stops and a safety briefing.

Each location will have a designated speaker to present all participants with a brief look at the history surrounding a shipwreck at or near that spot. We will be working with students from the University of West Florida Archaeology department.  The students will be presenting the information at each stop.

The final draw down and lunch event will be held in the pavilion at Russell Harbor Landing Park.  Each player will draw a Poker card for each punch they received. One additional card may be purchased for $10. The best five cards from their draw will be used to make the poker hand. Additional lunch tickets may be purchased for $5.


Who will speak on the history of the Blackwater River?

Archaeology and History students from the University of West Florida.

What kind of poker?  What is the cost? Is only one hand played? What is the buy in?

5 card draw. $25 if registered by  April 6, $30 if registered by  April 21, $35 if registering April 22 through the 26th. You will not be able to register on the day of the event. Additional punch cards maybe purchased for $10.

What kind of prizes? Is there an entrance fee?

Prize amounts are to be determined by the number of participants. Entry fees are listed above.

Should we come in costume?

If you wish, please come in your Pyrate attire however this event is open to the public.

What kind of food? Will there be a charge?

Food will be catered by a local BBQ business.

Where will it be held, same place as the captain meeting? Who should attend?

Lunch & drawing of poker hand will be at Russell Harbor Landing Park Pavilion, same place as Captain's Meeting. All participants of the Poker Run are encouraged to attend, all ages.

Russell Harber Landing Park

32570, Russell Harber Rd, Milton, FL 32583

All proceeds will go to historic preservation efforts on the Blackwater River.